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Here your therapy will be designed to label problems and find solutions - as rapidly as possible; I'll suggest known methods and seek your agreement. You'll choose what works best. Counseling will focus on one goal - to stop therapy quickly as possible. My service experience is with adults, couples and families. I am not specialized in one certain area, but my emphasis is based upon outcomes - in what works and what doesn't - right now. I'm not convinced that everyone needs a therapist "just to talk." Counseling is about change. From clinical hypnosis to behavioral interventions -- it's all about you getting and feeling better.

I'm a generalist and eclectic; whether behavioral, emotive, cognitive or with hypnosis - something in the social technology will work for you. Our emphasis will be change; if that doesn't occur - we will consider the next best option. Therapy can include several methods. What is known about effective care is that your voice in the treatment decision matters. I can explain the differences and the controversies is some of the methods; in a few scenarios the options are limited - but that is decided based upon a diagnosis (if you have one).

What are some of the methods, approaches and techniques? Solutions, Emotive, Developmental, Interactionist, Communications, Strategic, Systems, Holistic (mind, body, soul), Addictions, Role Reversal, Strengths, general Psycho-education, Reinforcement, and Rapid Resolution are ones that are commonly factored into the treatment planning here. Whether you want to quit something, change a relationship, deal with a blended family, solve a family related dilemma, or recover from some kind of trauma -- there is usually more than one way to get better. When you see a doctor - you usually have a voice in your treatment; shouldn't you have the same courtesy and care with your mental health?

Using your life's information I will assist in identifying areas that may (and may not) need treatment. I'll explain how long treatment can take (and any reasonable outcomes). You'll be encouraged to talk about what it is that leads you to investigate mental health services and you'll be encouraged to see the reason and logic in various decisions. We'll talk about how the mind functions to impact human thoughts, feelings and actions and we'll look closely at what works wonderfully well and what needs to change. The strength of your experience, and the expertise involving social science literature and technique will be seen/utilized as equally important to your mental health.

Whether you meet in the office, online, or onsite there's a way to access mental health services. And whether you decide to begin with a free consultation or to begin with immediate treatment - the services here are provided with a forthright professionalism, helping you to move forward. My DC clients are seen weekly in the office at the One Metro Center in downtown DC and new DC clients currently can take advantage of free consults while space is still open! FL clients are seen online, with monthly options for onsite sessions that are customized and individually scheduled based upon demand. Some services are limited in availability depending on what jurisdiction (DC or FL) is being served, due to licensing/credentialing differences. Either way, weekly office sessions are available now in DC!

Feel free to ask questions; say what you need to; let's talk about how therapy can help - in the shortest time possible. Voicemail, email, text - and 24 hour online scheduling ---let us know how we can help. (NOTE: Texting is not secure; if you text please only send general questions to my cell at 850-545-2886, otherwise please leave a message at my office at 202-816-6985

Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Blogger @ TalkifUwant. Search (keywords kurt larose msw lcsw licsw) and find profiles on Google, LinkedIn, the Therapy Directory, Healthgrades and elsewhere. Compare us and other professionals with client feedback @ https://www.healthgrades.com/providers/kurt-larose-2b9yt (where LaRose's ratings are among the highest in the nation, even with difficult to treat scenarios!).

For more information about the entire approach and other specialty treatment areas, read articles on stress, children, medication, sex addiction, spirituality, conflict, descalation and more --- visit us now @ www.TalkifUwant.com



BA: Union Institute & University, Cincinnati OH (2003)
MSW (Clinical): Florida State University, Tallahassee FL (2005)
In Practice Since
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DC: LC50081569 and FL: SW9297


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$155 - $300 (Self pay: can bill out of network benefits if requested and by arrangement).
Phone Rates
$155 - $300 (Self pay: can bill out of network benefits if requested and by arrangement).
Online Chat Rates
$155 - $300 (Self pay: can bill out of network benefits if requested and by arrangement).
Online Video Rates
$155 - $300 (Self pay: can bill out of network benefits if requested and by arrangement).
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