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Is your child or adolescent lacking confidence or self-esteem, struggling with learning difficulties, feeling stuck, having difficulty finding his or her own identity, self-critical, seeking other’s approval, closed off/shut down or constantly arguing with you?
You are not alone!
I help children and adolescents you are “stuck in a rut” and are ready to move forward and make meaningful changes in their lives.
Children and Adolescents live in an increasingly demanding and stressful world. School, friends, family and sports all take their respective toll. Signs of depression, anxiety, stress are common responses to these demands.
Is your child or adolescent showing signs of …
Social isolation
Moodiness/mood swings
Changes in weight or appetite
Difficulty concentrating
Learning Difficulties
Low self-esteem
Substance use/abuse
While some of these behaviors and emotions can be chalked up to “normal” child and adolescent episodes, there may be further underlying concerns. Thereby making it difficult to delineate these potential problems from what is considered “normal”. Are you noticing an impact on your child’s academic, work or sports performance, difficulty with friends and family, disagreements on how to handle your child’s concerns, thus putting additional strain on your own relationships, or are you a parent and just don’t know what to do any more.
As parents we want the best for our children and want them to reach their full potential, whether that is happiness, passion, success or acceptance, etc.
I provide individual and family counseling for children and adolescents dealing with depression, anxiety, and stress due to learning and attention difficulties.
I use a combination of Solution-Focused, Strength-based, Cognitive Behavioral and Mindfulness therapies to help you realize that you already have all the skills and abilities to alleviate these symptoms.



Hello and Welcome! I’m Dane Wendell.  I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Maryland. I received my master’s degree in Applied Psychology with a concentration in Counseling from the University of Baltimore.
I provide solution-focused and strength-based counseling and support to children, adolescents and their families who are feeling “stuck” or “overwhelmed” with all of life’s numerous demands.
My goal is to help children and adolescents realize that there is “more” and they can live a successful, happy and confident life. I help guide them out of their “rut” and realize that they have a choice in the way the choose to live.
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